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EXORCISTS NEXT DOOR Supernatural Horror

180K low budget

When ambitious stock broker Holly returns to her ancestral home, she contracts a severe eye infection that begins to unveil her repressed past. Holly soon discovers that she was exorcised as a baby by the old couple next door, who are determined to perform the ritual again, but this time to kill Holly and use her body as a vessel for the soul of their dead daughter.

Developed with the participation of SODEC (TBC)


THEY'RE HERE Sci-Fi / Horror


A young girl in rural 1950’s Alberta, sets out to convince her small town that her grandmother has been taken over by an alien. If they don’t listen, believing her is the least of their worries.

Proof of concept short finished in 2018

01 Lust for life Cover


TV Series

Lust for Life is a sci-fi, YA tv show that follows an aimless teen who must rise to the occasion and unite the town’s youth to destroy an A.I. device that threatens to alter their parents forever.